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Ariadna Sáenz

"VElocities ... I will describe it as a visceral interactive response to music."

This is a Collection of durational interactions with Music by  letting my body being in steady flow &/or collide with Sound.


The intention is far away of developing musical transcriptions through visual images but visceral gestures, spontaneous actions generated by how my body is moved by Music. And, importantly, my body appropriation of sound for building up a contrasting textural relationship...


For me, this practice is related to the Origin of Music as a medium for activating and synchronizing collective bodies in motion. Let's think about, for example, its role in rituals for driving in trance states...


Wherever Sound is, the consequence is an spectacular visual-movement landscape. I was wondering if something of that could be captured by making my body collide with a plane white surface...

Here, my paintings build up through these motion relationships and they remain as 'memories' after my body stops.

I develop these Action Paintings in public settings, mainly in JAZZ JAM SESSIONS and JAZZ FESTIVALS in California.



acrylic on canvas

36 x 19 inches

91 x 48 cm 




acrylic on canvas

20 x 7 inches

52 x 18 cm

21st Aug. 2016 @ 3rd Annual Latin Jazz & Music Festival , Los Angeles (CA)

acrylic on canves

32 x 27 inches / 82 x 69 cm

Timing: 14'43"


2nd Sept. 2016 @ DIZZY'S, San Diego (CA)

Acrylic on Canves



Acrylic paint on Fabric

38 x 18 inches

96.5 x 46 cm

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