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Who AM I?

What I WANT?




2016 - Now: Independent Choreographer and Musician.


2015-16: Visiting Scholar in the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, UCSD.

2014-15 Researcher in 'Music evoked Brain Plasticity' - Dpt. of Neurology at Max Planck Institute for Cognition and Brain Sciences.    

2013 Researcher in 'Languages of Emotion' at the Freie Universität, Berlin.

2010-13 Professor of Music in 'Escuela de Musica Creativa', Madrid.

2010-11 Master in Composition and Musical Performance, URJC.

2005-10 Bachelor in Music, major in Piano & Pedagogy, Royal Higher Conservatory of Music, Madrid.


Grants & Awards 

2015-16 UCEAP Fellow at UCSD.

2013 Erasmus Placement UCM-FU BERLIN

2008 Piano Award for Brilliant Performance, (Tacna) Perú.

1995 Piano Award for Outstanding Concert Performance, UCM.


Things I still remember...

In my dynamic battle for recognizing myself, vivid body memories recall me that "I can still remember" essential aspects of me...

I remember the soft and warm contact of my right ear on my mom's breast, feeling the vibration of her voice counterpointing her heart beats while being myself sat down on her knees and cradled by her. It always happened at night, and during interminable talks with our friends in our circular terrace with no corners. I remember connecting the right & left side of my body through this paradox of perceiving My Mom sonically through my Right Perforated Eardrum while manipulating My Surroundings with my small Left Hand. My Ear-Hand connection will drive me to Sound. 


I remember a dazzling light gravitating on my eyes when trying to absorb the blueness of a happy clean sky... And that hypnotic line in the horizon, between the sea and atmosphere, obsessively taking hours of my childhood imagining how would be living in that space that still today touches and separates at the same time two surfaces of distinct matter: *the water and *the air.

I remember the fresh air touching my whole body and My Clit when swinging.

Dragons, salamanders, a lot of spirals... Elephants with "patas de flamenco". The sacred and the pagan Gaudí and Dalí solidifying the Elements of My Character: Iron, Glass, Mosaics and Wood with a Surrealistic Sense of Humor. 

My first live concert standing up & dancing whit a Blind Man taking possession of the Piano, Tete Montolieu. And the explosions of my body when I played for the first time the piece of a Deaf Man that revolutionized his time, Bethoveen's Appassionata. Music & Movement All The Time: at home, in the streets, in the Conservatories. Some busy busy years in between...


And Darkness... Death, grief, oblivion, gravity, the heavier density. My Mother's Death after a long and painful esquizophenia that both she and me suffered since I was 15 years old. Rebirth, Transformation and my Self... 


I have the impression of having experience multiple lives: moving from Barcelona to Madrid (ES) for studying; to Lima (PE) for seeing more colors, exotic fruits, and "la selva!" as my excited mother said but also the melancholy of the Peruvian Poet César Vallejo; to Denmark (DK) to teach Art and Music to danish schoolers; to Berlín (DE) for exploring me. And currently in San Diego (CA) where I am investigating the qualities of Electrical Brain Waves of Human Expressiveness in response to Musical Improvisation, Emotion and Movement at UCSD.

I'm a Artist (Professional Musician, Dancer & Visual Artist), Performer & Neuroscientist. My passion is to play (formally called "research") with apparently far ideas by putting them together for generating / enthusiastically observing the surprising alchemy of their interactions. I am very interested in the intersections between Science, Art and Technology by designing objects-devices, studying behaviors, and integrating artistic practices and research approaches.

Sound, Movement, Visual and Brain dynamics are my ingredients. Cross-modality, Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration are my ways of working.

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