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Ariadna    Sáenz


Red, Black & White: New Flamenco...


Red, Black & White is an intimate courage to unlearn the tradition. A desire to unpick emotional, intellectual and muscle memory associated to a practice; here represented by three vocabularies: Flamenco, Indian Classical and Western Contemporary Music.

Sáenz and collaborators- both highly gifted in the blending of technique and soul, and strong performers of their vocabulary-, decide to use their "heritage" as a point of departure and arrival for abandoning the safe spaces they know, while looking into each other. The spectator will find themself in front of an spontaneous dialogue in where improvisation, instinctive complicity, discomfort, incongruences, soliloquies, failures, potentials, atavistic and new voices emerges. After this durational encounter, maybe they re-learn about themselves and about the other.  Colorants,  instigators of their own individual action or collective action.   


Ariadna Sáenz with Lourdes Fernández Menayo

Ariadna Sáenz Company

Original concept: Ariadna Sáenz

Art direction: Ariadna Sáenz and Lourdes Fernández Menayo

Musical concept: Ariadna Sáenz

Choreography: Lourdes Fernández Menayo

Sound space design: 

Lighting design: 

Documentation: Rick Narváez

Photography: Brian Ross


Ariadna Sáenz Marín: Piano

Lourdes Fernández Menayo: Baile

Óscar Valero: Voice

José Tanaka: Guitar

Miles Shrewsbery: Tabla

Production: Ariadna Sáenz

Co-production: THE LOFT, UC San Diego.

With the collaboration of: Department of Theater and Dance; Department of Music - UC San Diego

First performed: 26 April, 2017 at The Loft, UC San Diego


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