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dAnce expErIments On CamerA



This is a visual poem & installation that reflects on Choreography as Ephimeral Gestures in constant re-organization. From an improvised sequenced in the studio danced by myself and its fragmentation in duration, the isolated gesture adquires a poetics of solitude and magnificent in its destiny to die and re-appear in a new context, reinforcing its ephemerality. Through the multiplicity of the simultaneous cameras new choreographies are produced in a constant re-arrangement. And by the repetition, the person generating movement is despersonalized for being lost in the multiplicity of movement. The use of the word gesture instead of movement is intentional for characterizing a movement that emerges from an intention and an emotional state (as the smile), and the idea of choreography as a ephimeral gesture that as serving for a communicative and, consequently, a survival function. 

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