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SAD I - Ariadna Sáenz
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SAD II - Ariadna Sáenz
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Welcome to my project-in-progress, a MUSIC BANK and an AFFECTIVE MUSIC DATABASE for the scientific research of music-evoked emotions. Specifically, the musical stimuli I am composing attempts to explore the phenomenon of "Pleasant Sadness" through music. This project borns in the lack of an International Affective Music System that allows to study properly this phenomenon and compare results between researchers. I consider that:

1. The use of newly composed music will avoid confounding effects of using familiar music. At the same time, the compositional goal of this new musical stimuli is to induce sadness. Current studies on Music and Emotion use pre-existing music subjectively selected by the researcher-s, music that not necessarily was created for inducing this unique and primary emotion. Moreover, this pre-existing music has multiple and complex aesthetic and emotional meanings. 


2. By designing musical content, I attempt to control how neurodynamics, motor and acoustic characteristic of music-evoked emotion depend on musical content.

3. It is not possible to study the emotional component of music affective experience without controlling the structural component that influence it. For that reason, both tension-resolution patterns and emotional valence of Sadness are integrated in these stimuli.

4. Creating a system will facilitate the comparison of results between researchers in this field. 


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