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  • Direction & Choreography: Justin Morrison.

  • Performers: Anna Brown Massey, Katy Gilmore, Viktor De La Fuente, Nicole Casado, Marcos Duran, Aubrhe Yruretagoyena, Chloe Freeman, Krista Nelson, Naomi O’Connor, Justin Morrison, Ariadna Sáenz Marín. 

A durational dance designed for a non-theatrical space. It’s inspired by the curiosity for form and the use of space exemplified by the early experimental films of contemporary artist Bruce Nauman. The work is officially authorized by the Nauman Studio**.

Premiered in San  Diego by SPACE TIME

SUN APRIL 29th - 7:00pm-9:30pm

@SANBOX, 325 15th Street. San Diego, CA 92101

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  • Choreography & Direction: Verónica Santiago Moniello.

  • Performers: Naomi Canlas, Jamie Trocke, Tangmo Rodvanich, Viktor De La Fuente, Brandon Linn, Xianyi Liu, Dexter Lim, Ariadna Sáenz Marín.

"Simultaneously Futura is a biographical fable about the fantasy of my own birth, and a tribute to my mother. A piece where sound and spoken words create other layers which cover and mobilize the space. At the same time, the physical language becomes influenced by the presence of poetry."

Premiered in San Diego at Dance Studio 3, Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Building - UCSD 


  • Composition & Direction: Barbara Byers

  • Librettist: Daniel Byers

  • Choreographers: Veronica Santiago Moniello & Ariadna Sáenz

  • Performers: Barbara Byers, Verónica Santiago Moniello, Ariadna Sáenz Marin, Lauren Jones, Jasper Sussman, Elizabeth Fisher, Samuel Chan, Jonathan Nussman, Ben Rempel, Kathryn Schulmeister, Micheal Matsuno, Kyle Adam Blair, and John Burnett

  • Photography: Celeste Oram

  • Poster Design/Editing: Daniel Byers

A folk metal opera based on the epic of Beowulf.


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