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"I started this series on July 2014 as a Performance Painting literally made on the streets! This series is a collection of IMAGINED SELF-PORTRAITS focus on embodying the quality of  WoW! ... an expression full  of awe. This can follow like OH MEN!


Apparently, inspired by the universal admiration of female beauty. But that is only the surface. Here I represent my admiration for discovering myself as a DUAL BEING. "Me" like light-shadow, open-close eye, female-male, doble-unique face, concious-unconscious).


The urban scenarios are cities in where I paint these Artwoks: Madrid, Lisbon, San Diego in this case.  But also these cities are viewers and supporters of these imagined multiple "Me"s and sofisticated women with their internal tensions, tensions that add a subtle darkness in a world plenty of colour and life.


But more important, being myself a woman, this serie constitutes a self-exploration process!!"


- Technique: Acrilic on canves.

Coming soon!


7th WoWoMAN: "North-South, a new order of the World"

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